Seasons of Life

May 16, 2012

I remember as a young woman older women telling me the older you get the faster time flies.  I remember thinking, “Uh huh”.   It is so true.  My oldest grandchild just graduated from high school and it wasn’t that long ago she was toddling around in the yard in nothing but a diaper. 

In the country, life is marked in seasons also.  We just finished turkey season.  It is a magnificent sight to see a gobbler strutted out for any hen available.   He is courting in the way God created him.  Sometimes the hen says “whatever” and then occasionally you see the magical dance when she says, “He is magnificent!”   I always go spring turkey hunting with my husband.  I shot a twenty pound jake this year.  

I’ve noticed the does are big with their young and soon we will have little fawns cavorting around.  It is amazing to me how God has created every species with its own ways and habits.  The does will leave the little ones all alone for hours as they go off and feed coming back toward the end of the day.  I’ve watched little fawns get up and eat some grass, move around, and lay back down.  They never move far from the spot in which their mother left them. 

I am in the fall of my life and there are joys and sorrows with every age.   My husband has had some health issues (nothing severe) that disrupt our lives on occasion.   I feel my age every day and yet there is peace in being this age.  Things that mattered so much when I was younger aren’t really that important.  The most important thing to me is knowing I have a God I can trust and is with me every step of this journey.  Loving family and friends – money can’t buy the things that are crucial to our lives.   Your health is a blessing many of us take for granted.   

It is a beautiful morning in the country….hope you see the blessing in the day wherever you put your feet down when you get up in the morning.    


Wonder of Christmas

December 22, 2008

I love Christmas!   I have so many happy memories of Christmas it was always a time of wonder and excitement.  I still feel that today.  The wonder of God coming down to man to bring man to God…amazing. 

 I love family get togethers even buying gifts….not original to us…thank you Lord! Thank you for all the many blessings you have put in my life!  Many more than I can count.  

 Little Jayda (almost 3) is quite excited this year.  The older grans are fairly vibrating with delight!    Everyone is generally kinder-thinking of others.  A very good thing.   Merry Christmas to all and God’s richest blessings for the New Year!

Thanksgiving – November 2008

November 19, 2008

I am most grateful for the wonderful people in my life…..God has blessed us with a new little grandson this year Piersen Gage.   He is such a sweet baby.   He seems very loving and gentle.  I think of my Granny…I loved her so much.  Now she is in heaven with the Lord and I hope someday my grandchildren think of me with the same love.  The endless legacy of faith passed on from generation to generation.  In these troubled times, nothing else matters.   Rock solid faith will keep you anchored when the storms of life are blowing in and out.   Though it may feel you’ll be dashed against the rocks, the Master is NOT sleeping.   The things I thought were so important as a young mother….many of them don’t even matter.  Loving others and being thankful for them in your life is high on my list this year.  God has blessed us with so many friends and friendship that has endured through the years.  Lord, thank you as we sit at our table this year you have blessed us all.  We have roofs over our heads, food on the table, and can still worship you in peace and with joy.   Thank you for our health and I am still cancer free.  Your goodness is not based on our lives being trouble free but because you are good!  Thank you Lord for your presence in our lives every day.  We face no day without You.   God bless our nation and we thank you for the United States of America.   Thank you!!!!

Circle of Life

July 16, 2008

It’s been several months since I’ve written anything.   I’ve been reflecting this week…..doesn’t seem that long ago I was a teenager…now my firstborn granddaughter is a teenager.  All those years the Lord has been by my side encouraging me, upholding me, and giving me instruction.   As women, we nurture, discipline, and love our children.  We continue with our grandchildren.  Every summer I get each grandchild and do special things with them.  I want them to know I love them so much, God loves them so much, and they are divinely created by the Creator! 

I always come back to nature since I love it so much!   As I’ve commented many times, we have turkeys that come out in the yard.  In the spring, the gobbler was out in the yard spread out trying to impress any lady.   Now it is summer and we have four hens and two little ones.  One Saturday it was pouring rain and the baby was downy.  He would run and stand underneath his mama and stay drier.  Everytime, he’d go out for a minute and peck at something and run back under mama.  It brought to mind all the Scriptures of the Lord hiding us under His wings.   It also brought to mind how easy it is as mothers and grandmothers to protect those we love!   I’m enjoying watching the little turkey get bigger and think he’s bigger!  Come fall, he’ll be one of the crowd.  

Life is shorter than you think….let the laundry go and hug that baby! Play with your children.  If you died tommorrow, what would matter?  It wouldn’t be the dishes, laundry, or dustless house.  I know, we do have to do these things but don’t let them steal the joy of every day life!  It is precious.  God has only given us this ONE day….we all make mothering mistakes but we can also create memories they will never forget!   Live large, dance, celebrate, laugh!!!!

Thank God I Live in the Country 1-15-08

January 16, 2008

My mornings generally start with getting my husband off to work, email, and spending some time in Scripture.  While I eat breakfast, I generally watch the news.   We’re hearing more about the election than we care to hear, fathers are throwing their children into the river, Iran a nuclear threat, lead and who knows what else from China, enough to make you depressed.   We have every electronic toy you can imagine to spend hours with (I love them too) and distractions everywhere.   My center point is always God’s Word.  It puts everything into perspective.  I look out my window and see all He has created.  There is something about trees, flowers, the wind blowing, and wildlife that soothes my soul.   The turkeys were out this morning…loving the corn I spread about.  The last few days a gobbler is in the crowd.  We’ve also had bald eagles this winter.  Yes, all the awful and wonderful things are still in the world but, I have a place of solace to just enjoy and appreciate all creation.   None of us know what the New Year holds.  There will be some great times and probably some times of heartache.   Tell those you love that you love them, bring joy to someone else’s life, do small things to let others know there is hope and joy in this new year. 

Christmas is Giving

December 6, 2007

imag1785.jpgOur little church (not the one pictured) is going to make baskets for some local folks who are shut in, lonely, or just need to know they are loved.   I volunteered to go and buy the baskets and decorate them.  It gave me such joy and the real spirit of Christmas to not only get what is needed, think of the folks getting it, but the best deal I could too.     

The joy of Christmas is in the giving.   It is not about “me” and getting….but showing others love and caring.   The greatest gift of all came down in flesh to a young country girl.   His name shall be called Immanuel “God with us”.     Every Christmas this aspect of Christmas blows my mind.  That God so loved us He would come down and be one of us.  He loved me and yes, you that much.   Left heaven…supreme ruler….to become a carpenter’s son.   Every detail planned thousands of years ago.   When you give or receive a gift this season, think of the greatest gift ever given and those less fortunate.  I am so blessed.   I am not a wealthy person as the world might judge wealth.  I AM a wealthy person in the things I deem important.   Faith in God,  a loving family,  and so many friends.   Enjoy the everyday small things this season.  A kiss, hug, sunset, sunrise, each small thing a gift from God. 

Beautiful Country Morning 11-29-07

November 29, 2007

Eight Point DeerIt is cool here this morning with frost.   I had a cup of hot chocolate and threw another log on the fire.   It is warm and cozy inside.   Yesterday afternoon there were nine turkeys out in the yard in the morning and again in the afternoon.  I think they make a big circle through the woods and roost somewhere on our property.   I put some warm clothes on and threw some cracked corn out in the woods where I saw them go in yesterday.  Might as well have fat turkeys….smile.   I enjoy watching them.  I also put out the game camera hoping to get some pictures of the deer we know run around mostly after dark.  Last year we made a joke about connecting the camera to the computer and see an eight-point buck.  Well, we did!  We were both surprised. 

I also put bird food out…we have black capped chickadees, yellow and purple finches, titmouses, cardinals, and other assorted feathered friends.  I love watching the birds while I wash dishes.   You have to believe in a Creator when you see all the colors, sizes, and shapes.  Blows my little four cylinder imagination.  

Turned on the waterpond.  Haven’t seen the koi in over a month.  They are buried down in the bottom.  all the little birds love to jump on the rocks and get a drink.  I have seen them standing in the waterfall or just on the side.  They even fight over who gets the best place.  How you determine the best place for a bird to be only a bird knows.   I will watch the western windows looking for “my” turkeys and see if they like my offering of corn.  

A little crazy in every day is a good thing.  I’m making banana bread this afternoon, cleaning up the kitchen while listening to the TransSiberian Orchestra Christmas CD.  I love all the electric guitars etc.   My little pomeranian Annie, doesn’t like rock music of any kind.   It usually makes her jumpy.  My husband would agree with her.     I was cleaning the mixer and it thumped on the counter.  Annie starts barking, TransSiberian is banging away and I’m thinking it is a short trip between where I live and the nuthouse…..snicker.    Brought a smile to my face. 

Looking forward to the first real snow and not just a dusting.   Until next time,

Country GrannieFriends and Nature

Thanksgiving Blessings 11-27-07

November 27, 2007

Sunset in the Country    Thanksgiving time is a busy time in the country.  Deer hunting is still going on and on and on.   If you are an avid deer hunter, you can bow hunt, firearm, and finally black powder.  The boys have been going every weekend.  My grandson shot his first buck this year and it was a cause for celebration! It is healthy to get out and walk in the woods and see all that God has created for us to enjoy.

     Family came in from Florida this year and we had a grand time.   They were thrilled to see the turkeys come out in the yard and graze.   They like grass seed and bugs.  We sat up late and laughed and visited.  We took them to a live show and out to eat.  Eat, eat and more eating!   I’m not sure which turkeys were getting stuffed!  I had frozen stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pie crusts.    I got up early Thursday morning and made two pumpkin and three chocolate cream pies.   All homemade of course.   One turkey breast went into the oven, one got smoked on the grill.  The spiral ham went in with the turkey.   We had collards, turnips, rolls, potatoes (a mountain of these), stuffing, sweet potatoes, ambrosia,  green bean casserole, and fourteen people.  My table was stretched as far as it could go and loaded to the gills.  When reflecting on my blessings this Thanksgiving, this is my list:  being cancer free, all my family around me, friends, living in the country, and a big God.  My children came up on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and brought me my first dishwasher for Christmas.  What a surprise!  Now I know city slickers think how could you live without a dishwasher?  Well, I have all these years.  I must admit I like having one.  The most incredible part was the love behind it from my children.  God bless them everyone!   Brings tears to this country Grannie’s eyes.   There was a heavy frost this morning – looked like snow in the moonlight.   Thank you God for allowing me to be a country Grannie!    

Hello world!

November 27, 2007

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