Seasons of Life

I remember as a young woman older women telling me the older you get the faster time flies.  I remember thinking, “Uh huh”.   It is so true.  My oldest grandchild just graduated from high school and it wasn’t that long ago she was toddling around in the yard in nothing but a diaper. 

In the country, life is marked in seasons also.  We just finished turkey season.  It is a magnificent sight to see a gobbler strutted out for any hen available.   He is courting in the way God created him.  Sometimes the hen says “whatever” and then occasionally you see the magical dance when she says, “He is magnificent!”   I always go spring turkey hunting with my husband.  I shot a twenty pound jake this year.  

I’ve noticed the does are big with their young and soon we will have little fawns cavorting around.  It is amazing to me how God has created every species with its own ways and habits.  The does will leave the little ones all alone for hours as they go off and feed coming back toward the end of the day.  I’ve watched little fawns get up and eat some grass, move around, and lay back down.  They never move far from the spot in which their mother left them. 

I am in the fall of my life and there are joys and sorrows with every age.   My husband has had some health issues (nothing severe) that disrupt our lives on occasion.   I feel my age every day and yet there is peace in being this age.  Things that mattered so much when I was younger aren’t really that important.  The most important thing to me is knowing I have a God I can trust and is with me every step of this journey.  Loving family and friends – money can’t buy the things that are crucial to our lives.   Your health is a blessing many of us take for granted.   

It is a beautiful morning in the country….hope you see the blessing in the day wherever you put your feet down when you get up in the morning.    


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